Dawn Capital: Staying on the pulse of their most valuable relationships


Dawn is an early-stage venture fund focusing on B2B Software. 




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About Dawn Capital

Dawn is an early-stage venture fund focusing on B2B Software. Dawn is a team of experienced entrepreneurs who help European founders build great global companies.

Dawn Capital

“With Affinity, we can easily revisit prospects at appropriate times and map out what the next steps should be.”

Henry Jefferies

The Challenge

Dawn tried several CRM tools to sync digital communication and found that all competitors lacked the ability to effectively ingest email data and produce reliable and actionable insights.

The Solution

Relationship management: 

Affinity empowers the Dawn team with fingertip access to the complete relationship history of its portfolio companies, LPs and, fellow investors. Team members can immediately pinpoint the status of relationships and determine the last point of contact to ensure that the team stays on the same page.

Dawn is a power user of Affinity’s lists. The team leverages lists to keep track of both its LP network and entrepreneur relationships, enabling it to streamline investment processes and new deal flow.

Streamlining deal flow: 

Affinity has quickly become Dawn's CRM of choice. Affinity enables the Dawn team to seamlessly manage relationships and keep tabs on the status of deals. Affinity’s calendar and mailbox integrations have proven especially valuable in auto-populating its deal pipeline and shortcutting manual input. 

Powering the Monday morning meeting: 

Affinity has become an integral part of Dawn’s Monday morning investor meetings. Affinity’s pipeline view enables the team to quickly absorb the status of the pipeline and assess the effects of potential investments. Additionally, Affinity’s portfolio view packs a one-two punch, enabling the team to monitor the lifecycle of portfolio companies and pinpoint outstanding tasks that need to be attended to. 

Surfacing decades of relationship knowledge:

Founded in 2007, Dawn has a deep history of relationships with various partners. Since adopting Affinity, Dawn has been able to unlock these historic relationships and more effectively harness the power of its network.  

As Dawn looks toward the future, Affinity will continue to serve as a source of relationship truth and action. “I’m very excited to see where the product goes and how it will continue to be our firm’s source of truth for relationships”— Henry Jefferies, Associate 



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