Hurry Up and Wait: Digitizing in Down Markets

Jennie Dvorak
Director of Product
Ryan Bateman
Chief Technology Officer
Sands Capital
Diogo Henriques
BAM Elevate
Amber Quinones
Head of Platform & Operations
BBG Ventures
Andrew Cafourek
VP, Head of Technology

It has become apparent that data-driven deal making will define the winners in the next phase of venture capital. With Gartner predicting that 75% of investor reviews will be influenced by AI and data analytics by 2025, many VCs are facing a creeping deadline to modernize their systems and processes now, or risk being left behind. Simultaneously, firms are being tested by a challenging deal landscape where cutting costs and doing more with less are of top priority.

In this panel, we’ll sit down with operators who have led the way on digitization to gain insights on implementation best practices, and break down the delicate balance of effectively budgeting your resources without killing your agility for more open markets.

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