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How Alliances work

When it comes to your success, warm introductions and referrals can be a game-changer.

Affinity’s Alliances is the most effective way to expand your team’s collective network to find new opportunities.

Simply send an Alliance request to someone outside of your team, and once they accept, you instantly see whom they know and how well they know them, right in your workflow. Check out this masterclass on Alliances


Alliances dashboard

After accepting your Alliance request, your new ally will be sent to their own Alliances dashboard. 

Here they can see whom you are connected with and how they can better leverage your network. They will only be able to see relationship strength with your connections, not communications or calendar events. Learn more.

Your allies will also have the opportunity to invite others to ally with them for free.

The power of Alliances

On average, each Alliance you make delivers new connection paths to 3,909 people and 796 organizations.

Talk to sales

New people
New organizations

Alliances for groups

Connect your team’s collective network to several other external people or teams to magnify new paths to opportunities.

Create a group of select people and companies with whom you want to share your team’s network.

With Alliances for groups, everyone within the group will be able to see who knows whom and how well they know them.


Pathfinder Chrome

Affinity’s Pathfinder Chrome extension, provides actionable insights from your network to augment LinkedIn, Salesforce, and other sites where you prospect.

Always know who in your network has the best relationship and can offer a warm introduction or referral.

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Why our customers love Affinity

Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it everyday to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity.”

Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity

Security is our priority

We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure. Affinity has achieved compliance for SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR.


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