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Affinity for Fundraising

Best in-class platform to raise capital


“Affinity is the go-to tool for my fundraising and business development efforts. Since Affinity logs most activity automatically and has built-in workflows, like setting automatic reminders, I’m able to spend more time in meetings and closing deals.”

Erik Zahnlecker
Co-founder and COO, Allocate.ai

Manage all prospective investors with no data entry

Affinity allows you to manage your entire investor pipeline and customize it according to your preferences. With Affinity’s Smart Columns, you will save more than 80% of the time it takes to traditionally manage a pipeline, allowing you to get back to taking investor meetings.

fundraising Pipeline

Discover warm introductions to potential investors

Affinity allows you to connect with your advisors, mentors, board members, and previous investors to gain instant visibility into everyone they can introduce you to. Affinity helps companies raise rounds 8 times faster than the industry average.

Potential Investors

Never miss another email from an advisor or investor

Affinity proactively identifies emails you’ve missed or haven't received a response to. Set smart rules to prompt you to reach out to important investors, especially if they aren’t ready to invest right away.
Unanswered Emails