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5 Key Characteristics of Digital Leaders

By Rebecca Hinds

Today's workers are markedly different from their predecessors. Fewer and fewer workers are selecting companies based on compensation rates and tangible benefits. Instead, workers are selecting companies on the basis of the on-the-job experience they'll be afforded.

In fact, according to new research by Randstad, the majority of employees are selecting companies for the strength of their “digital leaders” and the extent to which they use digital tools. The digital leaders of today and tomorrow are individuals who embrace cutting-edge digital technologies that disrupt the status quo. With only 10% of companies considered superior in their efforts to digitally transform, it's clear that leaders need to more effectively conquer the digital transformation.

What characterizes this new digital leader? According to Randstad's research, five core competencies that define effective digital leaders:

1. Inspires others

Digital leaders have the ability to keep people connected and engaged. They unite their company on a bold, clear vision and path.

2. Leverages technology

Effective digital leaders are first movers in embracing digital tools. Embracing digital tools requires leaders to understand and appreciate technology's after-effects on the broader business environment.

3. Encourages collaboration

More than half of employees want more opportunities to collaborate at their companies. Digital leaders are increasingly diverting from traditional hierarchical structures to adopt more team-centric, knowledge-sharing models.

4. Drives innovation

Digital leaders approach problems with a fervent sense of curiosity. They embrace an open mind and make all efforts to encourage creativity. Digital leaders "help organizations find cutting-edge alternatives to outdated programs and legacy systems."

5. Manages risk

Digital leaders do not fear failure. They aren't afraid to uproot current practices. They continually facilitate conversations that ask, “What if?”

Unless they embrace digital tools, leaders will continue to fall short in keeping pace with the digital transformation and attracting top talent.

Digital leaders embrace the latest technology and understand how to efficiently incorporate it into their current strategy. Learn more about why digital leaders choose Affinity.

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