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Affinity for Real Estate

Best-in-class platform to manage prospects, clients, and listings in one place


“With Affinity, my team and I are able to track and nurture all of our firm's most important relationships. In a relationship driven industry like Real Estate, Affinity has been a game changer.“

Roy Hirshland
CEO & Managing Partner, T3 Advisors

Manage your prospects & clients in one powerful platform

Pipelines of both prospects and clients can sit inside Affinity. With a simple and collaborative UI, Affinity allows you to harness the power of a centralized system with all of your data in one place.
Real Estate Pipeline

Make your network actionable

Affinity is your team’s dynamic relationship rolodex. Discover if someone on your team has reached out to a prospect before. Instantly find out which landlords your team has talked to in the last year. Set rules to automatically prompt you to reach out to a client if the relationship is at risk.
Client Lists

Manage your client lists

Affinity allows you to view the complete history of any of client interactions without lifting a finger. Automatically track who you’ve talked to, what files you’ve exchanged, and who's providing you introductions.

Use data intelligence to stay on top of clients

Affinity automatically detects emails that require a response so you never drop the ball on anything important. We also identify emails you’ve sent that should have received a response to so nothing important gets lost.
Unanswered Emails Real Estate

Uncover hidden introductions to reach your next client

Affinity Alliances™ allow you to connect with customers, colleagues, and friends to gain instant visibility into everyone they can introduce you to. Leverage your real-time network to find strong connection paths that lead you to close your next client.

Real Estate

Access all client data on the go

Be it a networking event, client visit, or showing of a listing, Affinity allows you to access all your relationship data wherever you work. Add notes, set reminders, change statuses, upload contact information, all from Affinity’s mobile applications.

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