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M&A Deal Management Software

Relationship-driven dealmaking

Your relationships are your greatest asset. Choose a platform that helps support them. Close deals faster and more easily with Affinity with relationship intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is M&A deal management software?

Investment bankers who work with mergers and acquisitions understand that their relationships drive their deal flow. Quality deal flow is critical for M&A teams, especially with the long lifecycle that most client relationships have. Deal management software can offer investment teams due diligence management, virtual data rooms (VDR), customer relationship management, and more, all in one platform.

When all of your M&A data lives in a single source of truth, your investment teams can streamline and automate your pre-diligence data management, deal pipeline management, and reporting. Deal teams need functionality beyond a single spreadsheet solution—one that doesn’t create data silos across teams.

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The quality of your team’s relationships and your ability to quickly access data about people, companies, interactions, and transactions will determine the strength and quality of your M&A deals. Competitive M&A deal teams understand that best-in-class dealmaking is process-driven (workflows need automation and customization) and relationship-driven, and they’re choosing purpose-built M&A tools and software platforms to get the job done.

Why is a deal management software solution necessary for mergers and acquisitions?

Investment teams handle complex, long-term relationships that can take months or years to become business opportunities, whether working on the buy-side or sell-side of a deal. Deal management software provides end-to-end relationship and deal management so that you’re always up to date on every stage of your mandate pipeline. From prospecting and deal sourcing all the way to post-acquisition or post-merger integration, leading investors are turning to deal management software.

turning your CRM data into relationship intelligence - download our guide

What should M&A teams ask as they research deal management software?

When investment teams start to compare deal management software, there is a plethora of options to choose from—from behemoths like Salesforce to more purpose-built solutions like Affinity. The best place to begin is by thinking about the features that will be the most impactful for your specific workflows.

Deal management software will serve as the foundation for your dealmaking, and choosing an M&A-specific platform that is user-friendly and accessible will have a positive impact on team-wide adoption. Automation functionality further encourages adoption. This includes a variety of automated tools on the platform from data entry to reporting.

turning your CRM data into relationship intelligence - download our guide

When you think about where you want your team spending the bulk of their hours, do you want your team entering data manually in order to track all client or contact interactions, or would you rather they have that time to find, develop, and nurture the relationships that will become your biggest deals?

Finally, pricing and customer support are two aspects that user reviews often cite as critical in their experience with M&A software. Does the pricing align with the features your team needs, and is customer support readily available to troubleshoot if things go sideways? If you need to spend days tracking down a response, it might be better to choose a solution with a more responsive customer support experience.

What is relationship intelligence, and how does it streamline dealmaking for investment bankers?

Your deal process relies on the relationships of your team’s network. Relationship intelligence—insights into your team’s network, business connections, and customer relationships that help find, manage, and close deals—allows your team to make more informed decisions based on the data in your CRM.

Proprietary algorithms process and analyze your team’s collective network and relationship data in real time in order to identify the warmest path to a potential introduction. Your investment banking team can quickly understand who has the best connection to a new opportunity.

Why are M&A teams investing in dealmaking technology like Affinity?

When your deal life cycle can last as long as some M&A deals do, dealmaking technology like Affinity can be the best choice for your M&A platform. A platform that streamlines all stages of the deal process, from due diligence to a closed deal, allows dealmakers to get a competitive edge over other firms.

Technology should save teams time, and Affinity’s purpose-built platform does just that. Modern relationship intelligence technology offers actionable insights for team members, and data entry automation creates time for your team to act on those insights. The M&A process is complex, but your deal management software doesn’t have to be.

Why choose Affinity over alternative M&A deal management platforms?

Affinity is a best-in-class deal management platform, purpose-built for capital markets like mergers and acquisitions. Instead of relying on spreadsheets for customer relationship management and a separate solution for deal management, teams can access the entire solution from a single source of truth for all of their M&A transactions.

Tools like EKNOW, while also purpose-built, require significant customization and can take months to onboard. Dealmaking teams who want to accelerate their dealmaking process rely on Affinity for its quick onboarding process, intuitive interface, and most importantly, its automation and relationship intelligence.

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Why our customers love Affinity

“Affinity helps us close deals faster, work more efficiently, and manage the idea inroad to potential clients as well as investors.”

Mirko Heide
Managing Director, IEG - Investment Banking Group

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