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Prospect smarter

Break into key accounts faster by finding on opportunities where your network can help.


Accelerate deals

Map accounts more strategically and activate your network to push stalled deals over the line.


Prioritize outreach

Seamlessly build your key account list in your CRM based on Affinity’s network insights.


Increase sales velocity

With Affinity’s Atlas, you can easily understand where your network can help you break into strategic accounts, multi-threaded deals and accelerate existing opportunities.

84% of executive buyers start their purchasing process with a referral and prospects from warm introductions convert 4x more.

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Maximize prospecting

Find your next warm intro

Affinity’s Pathfinder augments LinkedIn, Salesforce, and other sites where you prospect with actionable insights from your network.

Always know who in your network has the best relationship and can offer a warm introduction or referral.

Prospecting, evolved

Connect Salesforce or Dynamics to centralize your workflow and prioritize your pipeline.

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Prioritize your outreach

Prospect with precision

Use Affinity’s Prospector to uncover key relationships so you can rank, sort, and prioritize your named accounts.

Affinity’s proprietary data is enriched with these reputable partners

Maximize your network

The Alliance dashboard points you to new opportunities.

Affinity’s Alliance feature lets you connect with people outside your team to see whom they know and how well. Connect with key partners like investors, executives, and resellers.

Why our customers love Affinity’s Atlas solution

Atlas is foundational to our prospecting efforts. We’ve been able to break into our most strategic accounts and turn single-threaded deals into multi-threaded sales motions.”

Tucker MacLean
Sales Leader, Okta

Security is our priority

We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure. Affinity has achieved compliance for SOC 2, GDPR and Privacy Shield.


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