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Prospecting precision

Affinity Atlas is a prospecting platform built for sales teams to crush their quotas.

Our patented technology brings millions of data points from disparate datasets together so your sales reps can identify the right prospects with less than half the work, and use the real-time networks of the organization to find warm intros into their prospects.


Prospect smarter

Stop hopping between your CRM, spreadsheets and multiple prospecting tools. Find the right leads to target with half the steps involved.


Uncover warm intros

Break into key accounts faster and push stalled deals over the line by finding opportunities where your network can help.


Track champions

Get notified of key hires to your target accounts. Track when a customer champion moves to a new company.


Find your next warm intro

With Affinity Atlas, you can easily understand where your real-time network can help you break into strategic accounts, multi-thread deals and accelerate existing opportunities.

84% of executive buyers start their purchasing process with a referral and prospects from warm introductions convert 4x better.


Prospect smarter

Stop hopping between your CRM, spreadsheets and prospecting tools to prospect. Affinity’s Atlas integrates all the 360° information you need — from prospecting tools, your CRM, your email — in one system of action.


We work where you work

We then bring that to you where you work: be it LinkedIn, Salesforce, or other sites where you prospect.

Always have actionable insights into what has happened with an account already, who the right leads to target are, and whether you have warm intros into them. All in one place.

Integrate all your favorite tools

Connect your CRM, prospecting tools, email and calendar data to centralize your workflow and find actionable insights from your network.

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Why our customers love Affinity’s Atlas solution

Atlas is foundational to our prospecting efforts. We’ve been able to break into our most strategic accounts and turn single-threaded deals into multi-threaded sales motions.”

Tucker MacLean
Sales Leader, Okta

Security is our priority

We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure. Affinity has achieved compliance for SOC 2, GDPR and Privacy Shield.


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