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Affinity Product Update: March 2019 Edition

We built a couple new requested features this month like, custom dropdown options, exporting people from opp list, and auto-saving notes. We also made some big improvements to our API.  New Feature: Manage Custom Dropdown Options We’ve added a new menu where you can bulk manage all your options for custom dropdown columns, making it easier to keep data clean. You’ll be able to add new options, … ...

Product Updates

Affinity Product Update: September Edition

By Shubham Goel

Last month we added a new report and handful of requested features. 

New Feature: Activity Reports

Now you can see how your team has engaged with the companies in your pipeline, including the number of calls, meetings, and emails sent. Track your team's activity over the last month, quarter, or any other duration of time that's important to you and your business.

Activity Reports

New Feature: Customizable Profiles

Would you like to reduce the clutter of your profiles so that only the most important information is displayed? Would you like profile details to be displayed in a certain order?

Now admins at your company can customize the order of the details displayed on profiles of people, organizations, and opportunities in your pipeline via the web, mobile, and our Chrome extension. Admins can now decide how certain fields are displayed when information is manually added to Affinity by your team.

Customizable Profiles

New Feature: Time in Current Status

Have you ever wanted to know if your opportunities are moving through your pipeline fast enough? Now you can easily see if any deals are stagnant - and quickly identify which deals might require follow-up action. You can sort and filter by Time in Current Status to help you focus on the most important and at-risk opportunities.

Time in Current StatusFeature Improvement: Edit People's Profile Photos

Affinity automatically adds profile photos of all the people your team has interacted with. Now you're able to upload your own profile photos of the people in your network!

Editable Profile Photos


Feature Improvement: Drag & Drop File Upload

Whether you're uploading files for a deal you're considering or updating a person's profile photo, file upload has now become even easier. Simply drag and drop to upload files in Affinity.

Drag & Drop File Upload

Check Out Affinity's New Webinars!

Webinars: Introduction to Affinity

This introductory webinar is directed towards new users of Affinity or those interested in using Affinity for their business. We will cover Affinity's history, along with a product demo diving into relationship and network intelligence, pipeline management and reporting. Time at the end will be reserved for Q&A so you can get all of your questions answered. This webinar is held every Tuesday at 10AM PST.

Click here to register.

Webinars: Importing Data into Affinity

Affinity's importing webinar covers how to import data into Affinity from a CSV file. If you are coming from another CRM, or have a lot of historical data stored in Excel, this is a great webinar to attend. We will cover how to import data into Affinity using lists, go over the different types of lists you can have and what can be imported. After the data has been imported we will share best practices on how to best configure your lists for maximum collaboration amongst your team. This webinar is held every Thursday at 9AM PST.

Click here to register.

Webinars: Office Hours: Affinity Q&A

Affinity's office hours are held every few weeks. It is a time where we encourage you to ask any questions you may have related to using Affinity. Not only will you hear best practices and explanations from experts at Affinity, you may also learn from your peers who are using Affinity in a similar fashion.

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Thank you for your support!

If you have any ideas around features that would add value to you, or if you have any questions, please email me at shubham@affinity.co. We would love to hear from you! 

Shubham Goel & Team Affinity

If you're looking for any of the previous updates, they're all available here.

Product Updates