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Affinity Product Update: March 2019 Edition

We built a couple new requested features this month like, custom dropdown options, exporting people from opp list, and auto-saving notes. We also made some big improvements to our API.  New Feature: Manage Custom Dropdown Options We’ve added a new menu where you can bulk manage all your options for custom dropdown columns, making it easier to keep data clean. You’ll be able to add new options, … ...

Product Updates

Affinity Product Updates: April Edition

By Shubham Goel
April Product Update

Happy April!

This month we’re launching new features, “Opportunities” and two new reports, “Funnel Analysis” and “Won/Lost” Reports. We also made improvements to “Count vs Value” reporting.

New Feature: Opportunities
We are introducing a third object in Affinity called “opportunity”. Think of opportunities as having the same functionality as a person or company – you can put opportunities in lists, visit an opportunity profile, take notes, set reminders and add files to opportunities.

You can use opportunities to model a list of prospects, customers, buildings, deals and more.

Here is how to find and use Opportunities.

April Product Update

Please get in touch with us at support@affinity.co if you need help in modeling your workflow to use opportunities!

New Feature: Funnel Analysis
This was one of the top requested reports from all of you – and now it’s live! You can now analyze your deals funnel: what % of deals move from one status to the next? How many end up in the final stages? All of that is answerable with the click of a few buttons.

Here is how to find and use the Funnel Analysis Report.

April Product Update

New Feature: Won/Lost Reports
Another top requested report – you can now dig into and visualize how many opportunities your team won or lost over a certain time period. Note: these reports only work with opportunity-based lists.

Here is how to find and use Won/Lost Reports.

April Product Update

Feature Improvement: Count vs Value
We’ve improved our existing reporting functionality so you can break down any report by both counts and values. Think about the following questions: How much money did we have in the pipeline for last month? How much money have we cumulatively invested in our portfolio companies? How many companies did we say no to last quarter? It’s all possible in Affinity.

Here is how to find and use Count vs Value Functionality.

April Product Update

Thank for all the support!

Big thanks to all that helped us with our Product Hunt launch this week. We really appreciated all the positive reviews and support. We had over 780 upvotes in only a few days and a flood of qualified leads! We crushed our Q1 numbers.

If you have any ideas around features that would add value to you, or if you have any questions, please email me at shubham@affinity.co.

We would love to hear from you!

Shubham Goel & Team Affinity

Product Updates