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Frequently Asked Questions

What should dealmakers consider as they explore deal management platforms?

Sales teams, especially smaller sales teams, in industries with shorter sales cycles, such as retail and hospitality, may find a simple spreadsheet like Excel to be sufficient for their deal management needs. More complex industries like commercial real estate, venture capital, private equity, and investment banking, however, depend on relationship-driven deals and long-term sales cycles. In these industries, a deal lifecycle can potentially span months or years. 

In these cases, a simple spreadsheet or manually managed, traditional CRM won’t cut it. A deal management tool should gives these relationship-focused teams a holistic view of their deal and opportunity pipeline. Having information and activity details for any of the deals that are in the sales pipeline—no matter how long the deal has been in play, or who has been working on it—at their fingertips can make the difference between moving it to Closed/Lost or Closed/Won.

Other features like integrations and portability can be critical for dealmakers who are managing a high volume of deals and aiming to close them faster. Your deal management platform should integrate with tools that are already part of your tech stack (whether it’s venture capital technology, private equity technology, or M&A software), including other CRM platforms like HubSpot or email providers like Outlook and Gmail.

Additionally, deal management software will ideally connect to industry data sources such as Pitchbook, Crunchbase, or Dealroom so you can streamline your pre-diligence workflows. Dealmakers also frequently work on the go, and reliable, easy-to-use mobile apps for your Android or iOS device ensure that your team members can stay connected, wherever they are.

Finally, pricing and customer support are two other critical considerations. Does the pricing fall within your team’s budget? Deal management platforms can vary widely in price, from free access (often with limited features) to enterprise plans.

Explore different feature sets and pricing options for various CRM platforms and compare Affinity to the competition.

Be sure that whatever pricing tier you’re considering offers the customer support your team needs. Effective customer support solutions ensure you’re able to reach the right person for assistance at key moments, and you won’t have to pause your dealmaking activities because of technical difficulties.

How does relationship intelligence streamline your team’s deal management process?

Relationship intelligence can help you find, manage, and close deals faster and with greater confidence in your data’s accuracy. Automated data capture frees your team from the drudgery of manual data entry and turns that data into actionable insights through a combination of proprietary algorithms and business intelligence reporting and analytics.

When each step of the deal flow process—from sourcing to due diligence and through the entire deal pipeline to a closed deal—is consolidated in a single place and augmented with relationship intelligence, every contact and deal can be tracked, reviewed, and used as a data point to make improvements to the deal management process. On top of that, the insights drawn from that data provide dealmakers with the tools to nurture the relationships that shape their business. 

Why do firms invest in dealmaking technology like Affinity?

The minimum requirements for dealmaking technology platforms are being able to manage both contact information and deal information in one platform. Sophisticated dealmakers also need to be able to quickly gain insights into deal progress at any moment, and dealmaking CRM platforms like Affinity provide teams with customizable reporting and analytics dashboards that track their most important metrics in real time. 

Whether your firm is a small business or a large organization, having a single source of truth for everyone with accurate information can mean the difference between a won deal and a lost deal. That’s why Affinity is built to automate the capture of your team’s “data exhaust”—details from email communications, meetings, and contact information such as names, roles, industry, and source of introduction—and teams can always act with confidence in the accuracy of their data. 

Relationship intelligence—the insight into your team’s network, business relationships, and customer interactions that help you find, manage, and close deals—turns that data into actionable steps that dealmakers can take to identify new opportunities, support existing relationships, and close more deals. Connect with a member of the Affinity sales team today to learn more.

Why do capital markets teams choose Affinity over other platforms for their deal management software?

By providing deal management software that combines automatic data capture, relationship management, and pipeline management tools into a single, easy-to-use CRM platform, Affinity is built to be as accessible and familiar as a spreadsheet but sophisticated enough to support the most complex deals. 

Additionally, Affinity can extract historical data from your existing CRM platform and have your team up and running quickly—sometimes in just a few days—in contrast to more complicated legacy solutions which can take months for customization and intensive training. See how else Affinity compares to these solutions to learn more. If your entire team isn’t on board with the software solution, they may default to creating their own silos of information within Excel or other cobbled-together options with less functionality.

Once Affinity is running for your team, the platform will continually and automatically capture the data exhaust from all of your business relationships. Teams that value automation of data entry and contact enrichment rely on Affinity’s ability to process and track interactions from existing data sources, such as emails, calendar data, or meetings (including one one one meetings, webinars, or group calls). Rather than having team members spend countless hours on manual data entry, firms that use Affinity can focus on what matters the most: their relationships.

Automating data entry not only saves your team countless hours per person per year—it also bypasses the human error that can accompany manual data entry. Inaccurate or incomplete information can cost your team a deal that it’s spent several years nurturing. It’s impossible to track all of the intricacies of relationships with just our memories; get the help you need with technology that supports how your team conducts business.

Finally, Affinity’s relationship intelligence is unparalleled when it comes to providing a thorough understanding of your team’s collective network. The platform’s AI-driven insights process and score the relationships of everyone at your firm. These actionable insights can identify which team member within your collective professional network is best suited (and has the warmest connection) to reach out to a lead or potential partner.

Relationship intelligence puts the momentum behind your deal-making—and it underlies the difference between transactional sales and doing business successfully in the nonlinear way that your team works.

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