How Market One Capital uses Affinity

Empowering a Founders-First Mentality with Affinity


Market One Capital (MOC) is a Pan-European venture capital firm focused on network effects platforms with offices in Warsaw, Barcelona, Luxembourg.




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The challenge

MOC relies on its network to connect with new companies and entrepreneurs. They leverage data from multiple sources to get a complete look at their network. Access and analysis of their team’s network and communications are a must to reach their ambitious goals. MOC’s previous solution lacked visibility and dynamic data, therefore, leaving their system of record incomplete.

Market One Capital

"Affinity is a very useful, tailor-made product for such a Venture Capital fund like us. The biggest advantage is having all of our data and communication in one place. We talk to thousands of startups and hundreds of VCs, and Affinity lets us keep track of those relationships over time.”

Marcin Zabielski
Partner, MOC

The solution

MOC chose Affinity because it is built with a people-first mentality, one of MOC’s core values. MOC prioritizes building strong relationships with its founders, regardless of where they are in its pipeline. Affinity has let MOC keep tabs on the approximately 200 companies it conducts due diligence on each week and its approximately 9,000-person strong network.

Market One Capital

"Affinity helps us make sure everyone has the best experience with our firm and that our founder relationships are strong.”

Michal Gren
Michal Gren
Analyst, MOC

The results

The cyclical nature of venture capital means that MOC constantly re-evaluates companies it has established relationships with in the past. MOC relies on Affinity's Board View to precisely understand where companies are in its pipeline. They use various custom fields to be able to regularly work with the data and gain insights on future deal flow activities. MOC also leverages Affinity’s notes to keep track of important relationship details. Ultimately, Affinity has become a source of truth for MOC to ensure it remains founder-first in the years to come.



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