How Anduin uses Affinity

Affinity helps Anduin get initial meetings with prospects 75% faster


Anduin Transactions is a San Francisco-based financial technology company focused on helping investors, lawyers, and executives close deals with accuracy, transparency, and speed.




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The Challenge
After devoting months to building its product, Anduin was ready for a full-fledged launch. The team, which includes 30 international team members, needed to establish a process for managing relationships with customers. Up to that point, it had relied on a mix of shared doc, Confluence pages, and Excel spreadsheets.

Enter Affinity
For Anduin, Affinity’s comparative advantage boiled down to its time saving capabilities. The implications have been far-reaching - Affinity has helped Anduin get initial meetings, follow up seamlessly, and generate reports quickly.


“I'll check my Alliances weekly to see which new ones I can form. As we scale, Affinity’s Alliance will be instrumental to our growth.”

Paul Ipavec
Business Development Lead

Getting the initial meeting
Affinity has empowered Anduin to supercharge its lead generation process. Using Affinity, the team can see who can make referrals and warm introductions to leads. The team saves ~75% of the time it previously spent to secure an initial meeting with a lead. And because leads have been introduced via a personal connection, they have an added incentive to provide product feedback. For Anduin, this feedback can be more valuable than any deals signed.

Seamless Follow Up
Anduin leverages Affinity on a daily basis for contact management. With automatic email capture, Anduin is able to quickly understand the full context behind all relationships without needing to painstakingly search through email threads.

Rapid Report Generation
Instead of searching through different spreadsheets and documents, the Anduin team uses Affinity’s dashboards to quickly assess where specific leads are in the funnel. Rather than manually creating reports, the team takes snapshots of dashboards to include in updates to board members, investors, and others.

The Future
With its eye on growth, Anduin is especially excited about Affinity’s Alliances feature. By allying with their investor, Anduin was able to expand its network by 408 new contacts and 111 new organizations in seconds. In turn, this allowed them to gain critical introductions to new potential customers who are members of 8VC’s lucrative network.

In much the same way that Anduin saves its customers time in streamlining the financial transaction workflow, Affinity empowers Anduin to gain back previously lost hours each day by streamlining relationship management.



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