Cushman & Wakefield - Uncovering warmer opportunities with Affinity


C&W (NYSE: CWK) is a top global real estate services firm focused on providing value to both real estate owners and occupants. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the largest real estate firms in the world with over 400 offices in 70 countries.




Commercial Real Estate


The challenge

The commercial real estate industry is competitive and top brokers need to not only maintain their existing relationships, but also be constantly increasing their network and sourcing new quality relationships. Referrals are incredibly powerful, but finding paths to these referrals on social platforms like LinkedIn have limitations and fail to quantify the strength of any given relationships.

Cushman & Wakefield

"Affinity is like having another player on the field. The ability to uncover opportunities through warm introductions makes our prospecting far more accurate. It’s a game-changer."

Vice Chairman

The solution

Mark McGranahan chose Affinity to be the source of truth for understanding his team’s collective network. For McGranahan, with years of success in the fiercely competitive San Francisco market, maintaining his brand and ensuring that his team continues to grow their long-standing relationships is incredibly important. Upon signing up, Affinity spun up an instant 360° digital Rolodex of every person and company McGranahan’s team had ever talked to. This allowed them to have a better understanding of who has talked to whom and where there were potential pockets of opportunities.

Affinity also enabled McGranahan’s team to source better referrals and introductions by understanding the actual relationship score between a prospect and key partners. Affinity even augments LinkedIn so you can see more than just the fact that someone has a connection and instead see which team member or partner is best suited to make an introduction.

“We had less than a 50% hit rate on LinkedIn, and with Affinity, it’s improved tremendously. Now we can truly preserve relationship capital.”

By leveraging Affinity, McGranahan’s team activated their collective network and increased visibility into their biggest opportunities. In CRE, your network is your net worth. Affinity ensures McGranahan’s team always maximizes the full potential of their network.



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