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How To Hire and Source The Best Millennial Employees

Several major paradigm shifts are brewing in the workplace. We're embarking on a new era—the employee relationship economy. Just like the sales funnel, no longer do employee relationships have a fixed start and end date. In this new era, employee relationships will be characterized not as end-to-end but beginning-to-beginning. ... read more

Latest Product Updates Venture Capital

Affinity Product Updates: August Edition

By Shubham Goel
Affinity Product Updates (#15)

Get Even More Out Affinity

Hi there, hope you’re doing well! Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Affinity’s product updates.

Today, we’re excited to announce four new features that will help you and your team get even more out of Affinity: Photos, File Capture, and Status Tracking.


Ever meet someone over email and wish you could put a face to a name? Now you can right from Affinity with Profile Photos!

File Capture

Never spend time scouring your inbox for attachments again! Affinity now automatically captures any attachments sent between yourself contacts. Simply click “Save to Affinity” if you want your whole team to be able to see select files.

Here’s a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/sdk8DEXIS4

Status Tracking

Now you can track the progression of statuses of any company on a pipeline in Affinity. Simply click into a Status field to get to the view.

Here’s a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/9Z7IRyzPHu

Thanks for reading this update!

That is all for now – thank you for reading this update! In case you have any ideas around features that would add value to you, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at team@affinity.co

Latest Product Updates Venture Capital