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Product Updates

Affinity Product Update: May Edition

By Shubham Goel

Happy May!

This month we’re launching "Private saved views" and "Default team views" in reports. Plus, we are focused on mobile improvements with the release of the ability to create an entity and take action on an entity on mobile (more mobile improvements coming soon).

New Feature: Private saved views
On lists, you can now make saved views private when you create or edit them. If you set them as your "personal view", they will only show up in your saved views dropdown. You will still be able to email other team members a link to that saved view if you want them to access it!

Here’s how to create a private view.

New Feature: Default team views
You can also set a saved view as the default view for your team. If one of your teammates visits that list for the first time, they will see the saved view you've set as the default.

Here’s how to create a default team view.

Feature Improvement: Actions on entities & Creating new entities on mobile
It is now much easier to take core actions on entities on our mobile apps: you can add people and organizations to lists easily, add notes seamlessly and set follow-ups consistently.

Another top requested feature from all of you: you can now create new people, organizations and opportunities directly from the mobile app. So if you’re on the road and just met someone you’d like to keep in touch with and follow up with, you can just pull out our app and add them as a contact :)


Thank you!

If you have any ideas around features that would add value to you, or if you have any questions, please email me at shubham@affinity.co.

We would love to hear from you!

Shubham Goel & Team Affinity

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Product Updates