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How To Hire and Source The Best Millennial Employees

Several major paradigm shifts are brewing in the workplace. We're embarking on a new era—the employee relationship economy. Just like the sales funnel, no longer do employee relationships have a fixed start and end date. In this new era, employee relationships will be characterized not as end-to-end but beginning-to-beginning. ... read more

Product Updates

Affinity Product Update: September Edition

By Shubham Goel

Get Even More Out Of Affinity

Hi there, hope you're doing well! Welcome to the sixteenth edition of Affinity's product updates.

Today, we're excited to announce two new features that will help you and your team get even more out of Affinity: Enhanced Email Permissions and Add to List via Mobile.

Email Permissions

Now you can share even more information with your team if you want to improve collaboration. Use Affinity's new enhanced email permissions to:

  • Allow team members to view all your email bodies
  • Allow team members to view emails with accounts on specific lists

These settings are opt-in and not enabled by default. Here's a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/MJU8z9F6ki

Add to List via iOS

Ever meet a new contact on the go and want to add them to your deal list or key contact list? Well now you can with Affinity Mobile!

Use Affinity Mobile to easily lookup or create a contact and add them to a list. You can download our app here if you haven't already.

Product Updates