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Affinity Product Updates: July Edition

By Shubham Goel
Affinity Product Updates (#14)

Get Even More Out Affinity

Hi there, hope you're doing well! Welcome to the fourteenth edition of Affinity's product updates.

Today, we're excited to announce three new features that will help you and your team get even more out of Affinity: Data Importer, Automatic Phone Number Capture, and Company Merging.

Data Importer

At last, Affinity’s Data Importer is here! Use it to upload lists of key contacts you want to keep track of in Affinity such as:

  • Deal lists
  • Event guest lists
  • Contact directory exports

It's as easy as a few clicks and compatible with Excel or CSV files. Here's a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/c0mPUjbuym

Automatic Phone Number Capture

Affinity now automatically captures contacts' phone numbers from signatures in emails. Never spend time scouring your inbox for phone numbers ever again!

Here's a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/lilnTTFKOA

Company Merging

On occasion you may find duplicate organizations in your network. Use our company merging feature to de-duplicate and merge each entity's associated data.

Here’s a link to a quick overview: http://recordit.co/dJBOgJk2cE

Thanks for reading this update!

That is all for now - thank you for reading this update! In case you have any ideas around features that would add value to you, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at team@affinity.co. If you're looking for any of the previous updates, they're all available here.

Network Management Product Updates Relationship Management Venture Capital