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The 9 Best Private Equity Podcasts


Podcasts have experienced eye-popping growth in the past few years. More than half of people in the United States have listened to a podcast. And almost one out of three people listen to at least one podcast every month! Podcasts have foraged into nearly every industry and arena, including private equity. While private equity podcasts are still few and far between, we’ve done the heavy lifting and selected 9 best podcasts dedicated to private equity. 

1. Private Equity FunCast 

Private Equity FunCast is one of a select few fully-dedicated PE podcasts. Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery of private equity firm ParkerGale Capital do a deep dive into the inner-workings of PE firms. Since ParkerGale Capital focuses on middle-market technology companies, it’s not surprising that the podcast has a middle-market tech focus. A recent episode features CultureIQ CEO Greg Besner who pulls back the curtain and discusses his experiences in working for PE-backed company. It’s an engaging and highly-relevant listen.  Another earlier episode goes behind the scenes of private equity from the sellers' perspective. It investigates key questions such as how to select a PE buyer and how to conduct PE due diligence. 

2. Deal of the Week Podcast

Deal of the Week is a go-to source for staying in the know on all M&A deals. The podcast, hosted by Bloomberg weekly, outlines the biggest deals transpiring in the marketplace. The episodes couple news reporting with thought leadership to make for an engaging listen. One recent episode offered an inside look into Blackstone, the largest alternative investment firm in the world. It details what’s in store for the future of the juggernaut with its hundreds of billions of dollars under management. 

3. The Tech M&A Podcast 

Who better to impart words of wisdom on all things tech M&A than Corum Group, the global leader in tech M&A. Hosted by Corum Group, the Tech M&A Podcast focuses on the top trends and news stories related to tech M&A.  A recent episode brought together the likes of Rene Yang Stewart from Vista Equity, Jeremy Holland from Riverside Company, and Matthew Picciano from Alpine Investors for a roundtable discussion on the current and future direction of the private equity market. If you’re looking to keep abreast of the tech M&A world, the Tech M&A Podcast should be your go-to source. 

4.The Alternative Investor Podcast

The alternative investor podcast is about investing money outside of the stock market. The show touches on private equity, real estate and venture capital. Grayson Morris and Brad Johnson do an incredible job of highlighting these higher return investment opportunities and keep their listeners informed on trends in the industry. 

5. Privcap Private Equity & Real Estate Podcast

The Privcap Private Equity & Real Estate Podcast caps off our engaging podcast lineup. The podcast features conversations with experts spanning private equity and real estate. The episodes feature a wide range of topics so that you can stay on top of current trends. One memorable episode brings together three experts to explain the state of PE in health care, as the industry moves from a volume-based to value-based system. It details the dramatic increase in private equity activity over the past decade, ballooning from fewer than 400 deals in 2013 to a projected 747 deals in 2019. 


Another of our favorite episodes features Sally Mahloudji Vogelhut, Managing Director at MVision Private Equity Advisers. In the episode, Mahloudji Vogelhut discusses women in private equity and the much-needed push towards greater inclusion. 

6. BDO Private Equity PErespctives Podcast

This private equity podcast serves as a forum for private equity dealmakers to discuss navigating today's ever changing environment. Each episode highlights leaders in private equity to talk deal activity, fund strategies and portfolio optimization.  These pods are in short (20-30 min episodes). 

One of the recent episodes touches on capitalizing on tech's expansive growth. Tech has become ubiquitous in our lives but now private equity partners need to find value for themselves.  

7. Capital Allocators Podcast

Ted Seides the Founder of Capital Allocators LLC, which he created in 2016 to explore best practices in the asset management industry from the perspective of asset owners, asset managers, and other relevant players. He created and hosts the Capital Allocators podcast (capitalallocatorspodcast.com) and serves as an advisor and consultant to allocators and asset managers.

Recent podcast episode highlight how to assist private equity investors in these turbulent times. Steve Nelson is CEO of the Institutional Limited Partners Association or ILPA, a non-profit that engages, empowers and connects limited partners (LPs) to maximize their performance. It has over 500 member institutions who represent $2 trillion in private assets under management or approximately 50% of the global institutional market.  ILPA is the only global organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the interests of LPs and their beneficiaries through best-in-class education, research, advocacy, and events.

8. Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

In Dry Powder, Hugh MacArthur, head of Bain's global private equity practice, interviews leading experts on the trends and opportunities that will redefine the private equity industry. These podcast episodes are generally under 20 mins. 

Recently MacAthur touched on A Glimpse into the Holy Grail of Data Sets. In this podcast it discusses how super granular deal data will change how private equity works. 

9. David Rubenstein Freakonomics Podcast

Many people don’t realize that private equity is a relatively recent phenomenon. It’s only about 40 years old. Few people are more attuned to the marketplace than David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, one of the most esteemed PE firms of all time. 

As part of its special series: “The Secret Life of a C.E.O.”, Freakonomics Radio speaks with Rubenstein about the early days of PE. In the episode, Rubenstein discusses how the CEO of a private equity firm differs from CEOs of other businesses. It’s an engaging listen from start to finish, especially as Rubenstein discusses the potential of PE, explaining, “So to make it simple: if you put your money in the bank, you probably get 0.1 or 0.2 percent interest. If you put your money in a bond, you might get 1 or 2 percent interest. If you put your money in a stock market fund of some type, you might get 3 or 4 or 5 percent annual rate of return. In private equity, you’re trying to get 20 or 30 percent annualized rates of return. “ 


Podcasts are a great easily-digestible way to stay in-the-know on all things private equity. Add these 9 private equity podcasts will keep you on the cutting edge of private equity no matter if you are a seasoned parter or beginner. 

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